The wave you want to ride + the feeling to want to feel forever. The JNGLE VBZ are a perfect mix of looking like they are literally floating on a cloud and being sleek, high-end designer sunglasses. Set yourself apart with these unique, light-smoke transparent frames complimented by the mirrored, polarized blue frames.
Imagine - Shades that feel sturdy and well-made but also lightweight enough. The arms hug ears for a secure fit without much pressure. The bridge fits perfectly on the top of your nose and never slides downwards. A transparent grey color is unnoticeable by the eyes, allowing for an uninhibited field of vision. The lens has a moderate level darkness and provides an enhanced clarity to your overall vision.
REVO Blue Lens - Mirrored, blue and turquoise gradient lens. Improves             contrast. Perfect addition to the neutral color frame.                                       
Matte Finish Polycarbonate Frame - Smooth and soft transparent matte frame. Adds an amazing feel and uniqueness to the sunglasses.
1mm Polarized Lens - Top tier lens thickness and modern technology combine for the best polarization quality on the market.
Spring Hinge - Metal, internal set hinge for added durability. Holds the frames together for years to come. 

Technical Sizing Description

  • 146mm temple/arm length | 23mm gap between lenses |135mm frame length
  • 1mm TAC Polarized lens | 50mm lens length | 44mm lens height |6 Base Curve lens 

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