We've traveled the country over the last few years, selling our sunglasses at the most epic music festivals. From mega raves like Electric Daisy Carnival to Reggae festivals like CaliRoots and arts and music festivals like OkeeChobee in Florida. We received so much inspiration, positivity and progress by being involved in these festivals. We have been able to build a brand out of our festival involvement and a large part of our brands ideology is continual progressive movement. So - we've taken the next big step in creating a better brand - our first batch of high quality, polarized sunglasses made completely out of recycled materials

Our mission statement is one of positivity and continual motivation and we thought of a way to do more for a better future. Starting in 2020, we will only produce sunglasses made out of recycled materials. This big step for us will begin with some of our classic color-ways, such as the 'Fire', 'Smoke' and more recent styles such as the 'Presidio Pioneer' and 'Limestone Pioneer'. 

For the frames that are not yet made of recycled materials, we will donate 1% of our sales from these sunglasses to 1% For The Planet. That way, although these styles are not made of recycled materials, we are doing our part in providing for a better environment. 

THE MISSION Our designs are created with the idea of motivating the downtrodden and inspiring those who are relentless for success.

THE MOVEMENT To “Stay Up” means to produce and possess positive and progressive vibes on a daily basis. One’s attitude and actions are focused towards moving forward in life, even if progression is small and hard to achieve. This idea of continuous optimism is limited to no particular subject or genre and simply promotes a forever rising motion from one’s current position. Those who engage in an activity for which they have passion; Stay up. Together, we can celebrate the pursuit of a better tomorrow. The more individuals we influence, the more momentum we build, and the larger our movement becomes.


Live for what you love.
Be aggressive in your pursuits.
Act progressively.
Know that the future is bright.

Established in 2010 in San Luis Obispo, CA.