$35.00 USD

Bring the coastal mellow vibes of the California Marin headlands to your look with the Tiburons, a vital part of the Headlands collection. The vibrant glossy, transparent burnt orange frame is built around the subtle REVO light-purple lens to create a perfect blend.
Imagine - Shades that feel ultra-lightweight, as if nothing is on your face. The arms hug behind your ears for a secure fit without any pressure. The bridge fits perfectly on the top of your nose and never slides downwards. A transparent orange color is unnoticeable by the eyes, allowing for an uninhibited field of vision. The lens has a perfect level of darkness and provides an enhanced clarity to your overall vision.

  • REVO Purple Lens - Mirrored light-purple gradient lens. Improves contrast. Perfect combination to the transparent orange color frame.                                      
  • Transparent Polycarbonate Frame - Smooth and glossy transparent burnt orange frame. Adds an amazing feel and uniqueness to the sunglasses.
  • 1mm Polarized Lens - Top tier lens thickness and modern technology combine for the best polarization quality on the market.
  • Spring Hinge - Metal, internal set hinge for added durability. Holds the frames together for years to come. 

Technical Sizing Description


  • 142mm temple/arm length | 22mm gap between lenses | 141 frame length


  •  50mm lens length | 45mm lens height | 6 Base Curve Lens