After spending some time getting in the right mindset with the California native Bohemia, we quickly began to realize the similarities in our mindsets and vision for our movements. Bohemia reminisced with a big smile as he told stories of how he has fought to keep his direction and meaning unhampered and original despite pressures from corporate entities like record labels. He explained how he looked up to the greats in California hip-hop, took his love for this genre of music and translated it into Punjabi. Bohemia's style, passion and motives are shared 100% by Stay Up Movement; inspiration, hard work, progression and creation of original art for the world to enjoy.


With the Bohemia Heritage T-Shirts and Women's Tops, we went with a bold, proud representation of the founder of Punjabi Rap. We integrated a traditional Indian embroidery pattern within the letters and added our cloud logo as a sign of our alliance to positive and progressive movements. We are also offering the 'Bohemia Solid T-shirt' for the die-hard Bohemia fan that desires a little more of a neutral style.



The Ek Tera Pyer (One Love) style is our line of long sleeve t-shirts for those who want to wear a symbol of inspiration. This is a very special design to us because it is representative of our mutual passion for our art and human kindness. The sun shines brightest above all things. If we can emulate that spirit, together, we can all succeed in anything we put our hearts toward.

Bohemia x SUM
November 20, 2014 — Aaron Hirsch