Diffraction Goggles

Diffraction Goggles combine the latest innovations in light bending lens technology with the freshest trends in rave eyewear. Put a pair on and prepare to be completely immersed in a mind blowing light display!

Diffraction is the process by which light bends around or through an object, and the result is a wide array of optical effects. When you view a light source through a pair of diffraction lenses the effect is a sensational blast of color that you have to experience to understand.

Goggles provide an experience unlike any other type of eyewear due to their ability to totally encompass your entire field of vision. They are also popular amongst festival goers because they can help block wind or dust clouds that are known to pop up at big outdoor events, and they are also a fantastic way to add some pop to your festival style! They are perfect for viewing light shows at an EDM festival or catching the flames at Burning Man!

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