Moon Cruiser

$18.00 USD

The Moon Cruiser is a medium size circle frame with a light but effective lens hue and a subtle, clean frame. A unisex style that is  sought after for its trendy look that can be worn on a city exploration or light hike. The tortoise shell frame paired with the tinted, mono-color lenses create sunglasses that can add style to any days look.


  • Polarized Lens - Reduces glare and adds an extra layer of protection. Shhh this is an added bonus to these sunglasses and we aren't charging more.
  • FULL UV A & B Protection- Lenses block UVA and UVB and provide superior eye protection.
  • Lightweight For Maximum Comfort Metal frames create a ultra-lightweight feel. Frames are well-made allowing for wear and tear without worrying about breaking frames. 
  • Custom Tinted LensHave your pick on the hue you want to view the world with. Lenses are perfect for day or night use and add a nice tint while allowing you to continue seeing perfectly!